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Medieval Monday | Enchanting Music

Welcome to Medieval Monday!

With a few of my medieval stories, there is usually a feast. And with any great celebration I’ve incorporated music into the scene. Not only was medieval music popular during times of celebrations or great events, but it was an essential part of life for that time period. The people ate their meals to the sound of traditional music, since it was believed that it helped in the digestion of their food. Musicians would play cheerful tunes, which may have included horns, recorders, drums, whistles, bells, and Cecilio violins. They would perform on a specially-built platform or stage at the end of the Great Hall.

I can definitely relate to a soothing tune in the background while eating. Often times, my husband will pull out a record (yes, we still have our vinyl albums) to listen to during our evening meal.

In my story, A Highland Moon Enchantment, the guests are celebrating the Midwinter feast. Let me take you back in time to a medieval time-period and some lively music.

The minstrels begin to play a lively tune and a few of the couples grasped hands to join in the merriment…

Onward they danced, twirling and swaying around the hall. Laughter filled Ailsa, along with Desmond’s touch. As the minstrels ended their song, she dipped a curtsy to all.

Fiona handed her a cup of ale. “You were wonderful out there. I’ve never witnessed my brother dancing. He’s good.”

“Thank ye.” Ailsa drained the cup, relishing the cool liquid.

Desmond returned holding two plum tarts in his hand. “By the Gods, these are delicious. Who made them?”

Fiona tried to snatch one from his hand. “Brigid. They’re a favorite of Duncan’s.”

He shook his finger at her. “Nae. I brought one for Ailsa.”

Fisting her hands on her hips, Fiona pouted. “But none for your beloved sister?”

“Ye wound me.” Handing her one, he added, “Ailsa and I will just have to share this one.”

Pleased with his gesture, Fiona kissed him on the cheek. Taking the offering, she was about to take a bite, when Alastair approached from behind her.

“’Tis good to see ye are eating.” He placed his hands around her waist.

She laughed when he nibbled on her neck.

“Come, Desmond. Let us eat our fare away from the lovers,” Ailsa suggested and tugged on his arm.

Snorting, he complied and followed her out of the hall and near the entrance. When he held the treat out to her, Ailsa took a bite.

Closing her eyes, she savored the sweet fruit and crust. “Mmm…”

“’Tis good,” he whispered softly.

Desmond’s tongue teased the edges of her mouth, and snapping her eyes open, Ailsa yearned to have him kiss her.

COPYRIGHT © 2017 by Mary Morgan

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Medieval Monday will return on May 1. Next week there will be a guest author in the tavern chatting about her Scottish historical novel.

Until then, may your dreams be filled with medieval melodies.


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