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Medieval Monday | Journey to Another Time Within a Song

Welcome to Medieval Monday!

Since I write stories based in the past, I thought I’d share my love of visiting a Renaissance Faire. From the moment I step past the gates into these events, I feel like I’ve emerged into another time-period. The path is dusty with travelers, wooden stalls are positioned under heavy tree limbs, and laughter, mixed with merriment, fills my senses. Though I’m not in costume, my soul eagerly embraces a belonging—I have come home.

While working for Borders Books years ago, I discovered a talented British-American singing duo called Blackmore’s Night (Candice Night and Ritchie Blackmore). Their medieval folk-rock band is phenomenal! There’s a particular song, Renaissance Faire that transports me back several hundred years from the album Shadow of the Moon. I’m whisked away within the instrumental melody along with Candice’s hauntingly vocals.

Since my first introduction to them, I moved on to other favorites from future albums. Songs like, No Second Chance, Village Lanterne, The Clock Ticks On, Olde Mill Inn, and World of Stone.

In truth, all their songs are treasured favorites, transporting me to a time long ago—one that I return to in my dreams and stories.

As a reminder, the giveaway from last Monday is still ongoing. If you’ve missed the post, hop on over HERE to read how to enter. Or click on the "Mary's Tavern" at the top of this page and scroll to last week's post.

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Until next Medieval Monday, close your eyes and listen to this song…


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