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Medieval Monday | Nordic Music to Feed this Author's Muse

Welcome to Medieval Monday in the tavern!

I've shared numerous times how listening to music serves as inspiration for my stories. In truth, I've confessed, "Music is my muse!" Currently, I'm working on the fourth book in The Wolves of Clan Sutherland series. Viking wolf shifters in the 13th century who travel between the Orkney Islands, Northern Scotland, and the Western Isles. They’re fierce, demanding, and definitely possess that “Alpha” personality. There are times when I require an intense instrumental piece of music, but I also seek out music to reflect the deeper emotional sides to these characters.

Celtic instrumental remains my favorite, yet I've found an exceptional musician whose voice takes me right into a scene. To prepare a scene for my writing, I often tune into Jonna Jinton on YouTube. She's a Swedish artist, filmmaker, and musician. Talented? Absolutely! Jonna's haunting melodic voice transports me to an ancient time-period with my characters along with her videos. I can visualize the land and how my characters feel, especially during those dramatic, softer moments in a scene.

Even though my stories mostly take place in Scotland, I require music fit for a Viking. The Norse influence and control was strong in the outer isles and the northeast. Jonna’s an exceptional talent, and she’s become my current muse. For more on this amazing woman, check out her sites:

Until next Medieval Monday, escape into the Viking world of music and song.


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