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Medieval Monday | Once a Crusader, He’s Now a Man of the Cloth ~ Brother Cadfael

Welcome to Medieval Monday!

Many years ago, I discovered a wonderful medieval mystery series known as The Cadfael Chronicles by the author Ellis Peters. I devoured these stories! Imagine my surprise when I heard there was a British television series with Sir Derek Jacobi playing Brother Cadfael. I was thrilled and became an instant fan of the show. I loved the history, mystery, scenery, and not only his herb garden, but also his workshop. The music is a perfect accompaniment—sweeping you in and throughout each episode.

Here’s a peek into the background of Brother Cadfael ~

Once a Crusader, he’s now a man of the cloth. The worldly but humble Brother Cadfael uses his keen intuition to protect the innocent and bring the guilty to account in war-torn medieval England.

From there, I read other mysteries by this author, who wrote under her real name of Edith Pargeter (1913–1995). If you fancy additional medieval fiction, then pick up this series set in 13th century Wales: The Brothers of Gwynedd Quartet.

While working for Borders Books, I stumbled across this gem of a book: Brother Cadfael’s Herb Garden: An Illustrated Companion to Medieval Plants and their Uses. It’s now a part of my treasured research collection of books.

Do you have a favorite medieval book? Movie or television show? Do share!

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