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Medieval Monday | Prologue for "Wishes Under a Highland Star"

Welcome to Medieval Monday! As the countdown for Wishes Under a Highland Star continues, I'm sharing a special teaser today. Only three more Mondays! Are you getting excited?

Prologue ~ Wishes Under a Highland Star

COPYRIGHT © 2022 by Mary Morgan


The Fae have many secrets tucked beneath their realm. Far below the shimmering layers of magic hide the darker, unspoken deeds—where the Fae men ascended from their realm and took human females. They craved to taste the forbidden flesh of a mortal.

Often, when the Fae became disillusioned during their time in the earthly world, they vanished through the veil and returned to their home. However, a cruel fate awaited those who lingered far too long. The icy fingers of death claimed those Fae who remained in the world of


And what they left behind were the innocent. Children who were born from these unions—children who were part Fae and human.

Countless human women died in childbirth, leaving bairns abandoned and left to forge their own destiny with other families. The Fae refused to acknowledge them. Or mayhap they were unaware of the magnitude of what had transpired with the birth of these children.

In the beginning, there were merely a few children. But as the centuries passed within the Fae’s glittering realm, their numbers increased.

Soon, whispers floated on rose-scented breezes to the crystal palace of the Fae, specifically to the Fae King and Queen.

These half-Fae could no longer be denied.

Furious over this revelation, the Fae King’s anger burned fierce in his proclamation. An edict was swiftly issued, and a Guardian appointed to protect, defend, and guide these misfit children on their true path within the human world. Until they were ready to venture forth on their own as adults, they would remain cloaked in secret within the mists of Scotland and Ireland.

Rarely did anyone see within this veiled, magical haven. The shields woven incredibly strong by the Fae King.

Yet for one Scottish chieftain on a quest, he uncovered the truth one snowy night when a half-Fae lass made not one, but many wishes under a Highland star.


I hope you've enjoyed a glimpse into my next Scottish fantasy romance. If you haven't had a chance to do so, preorder your copy HERE today. And thank you!

I have another favor/request, dear readers. The cover for Wishes is in the Creme dé la Creme Cover Contest for InD'tale Magazine! I was over the moon with joy when I opened my email. I'd really love to snag this honor and for the artist (RJ Morris) who created my vision. Please cast your vote here (But you must LOG IN first):

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Until next Monday, believe in the magic of a wish.


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