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Medieval Monday | The Viking Game of Hnefatafl

Welcome to Medieval Monday in the Tavern!

You've heard me talk about the Vikings and their games, specifically the one in the photo. Hnefatafl, which translates as "King's table" is one of the world's oldest board games. This was a war game in which there were two groups of pieces—one player had a king, centrally placed on the board, defended by warriors. The other pieces were placed at all four sides of the board which were the attackers. The first player won if he got his king to one of the four corner squares.

I might have briefly mentioned Hnefatafl in my book, Magnar, but I've expanded more in my current work-in-progress, Steinar (Book 3 in The Wolves of Clan Sutherland series). An intense argument will ensue while Steinar and Gunnar are playing. What's a game without some Vikings yelling and slamming their horns of mead about, aye?

A couple weeks ago, my knight took me to the Renaissance Faire. Imagine my delight when I came to a booth filled with Viking jewelry, accessories, and games! We've been enjoying this game since that weekend. Odin and his warriors against the Ice Giants!

The lovely booth where I purchased the game, Lykos Leathers, has a phenomenal website. However, since my last visit, I learned they're creating a brand new site. As soon as I hear any news, I'll share the link here.

Don't forget to see if these Ladies of Medieval Monday have something to share as well:

Until next Monday, play a medieval game! Skål!


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