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Medieval Monday | Wandering Through the Past

Welcome to Medieval Monday!

Recently, I’ve read articles relating to archaeological finds—some were for curiosity and others for research. An article on the Picts caught my attention and reminded me of my time visiting South Ronaldsay, Orkney, specifically near the Tomb of Eagles.


Feared by the Romans as fierce blue painted warriors, the Picts have captured the imagination of historians for centuries, including myself. Little is known about these people who lived in a large part of Scotland from 300 – 850 AD, except for the wonderful art they left carved on stones.


Wandering through the grassy hills that morning on Orkney, our guide steered us in the direction of a past dig. Archaeologists and historians have no explanation to this crescent shaped set of stones. In the middle was a type of well. I remember our guide giving me a nudge to go on through to explore and see if I could possibly get a sense or feeling as to the purpose of this small enclosure. Was it a cooking hut? A ceremonial chamber?


With the winds increasing, and the clouds ready to burst with a rain shower, I decided to stand in the middle and let my intuition guide me. I didn’t need long. There appeared to be a stone seat for one person—the Matriarch. This word resonated instantly inside me, and I could see this as a sacred place of wisdom for the Picts. Did they come to seek her counsel? Or was this reserved for only women? And why the pit? I recall our guide mentioning this wasn’t used for cooking. Regardless, I left with a burning quest to research more on these ancient people. I often wonder if I should consider being an archaeologist.  


Have you ever been to an ancient place, building, or ruins and instantly connected to the past? If so, do share!  



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