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Medieval Monday | Weaving History through the Paranormal and Fantasy

Updated: May 26, 2023

Welcome to Medieval Monday in the tavern!

If you've noticed on my website, I have two taglines, or what I call my brand for my stories. They haven't change since I've stepped into the writing world.

Weaving passionate stories with magic!

Where history meets magic!

I've incorporated magic and history into all of my stories. With the paranormal and fantasy elements, it's fabulous. I can create my own worlds. There's no firm foundation of what is right or wrong. Yet with the historical, I go by a set of rules to make sure I've achieved the correct historical time-period, event, or wording in my stories.

Even though there are strong paranormal elements in the Dragon Knights, I’ve managed to weave a historical event or place into the stories. Let me share a wee bit of history and the Dragon Knights with you…

1. In Dragon Knight’s Sword, Duncan MacKay mentions the Treaty of Falaise with the druid Cathal. The Treaty of Falaise was a forced written agreement made in December 1174 between two kings: King William of Scotland who was held prisoner by Henry II, King of England.

2. In Dragon Knight’s Medallion, Stephen MacKay flees his home after a battle and lives with the monks at Arbroath Abbey in Scotland. King William of Scotland, also known as William the Lion, founded the abbey in 1178. He asked the Tironensian monks from Kelso Abbey to establish the monastery. The abbey was intended as a memorial to William’s childhood friend Thomas Becket, the murdered Archbishop of Canterbury to help the king expand his authority in the north-east of Scotland.

3. In Dragon Knight’s Axe, Alastair MacKay is a merchant and conducts his business on Dunnyneil Island off the north-east of Ireland. The island had been an important trading post to traders from Russia, Germany, Iceland, and mainland Europe from as early as the 6th and 7th centuries. Merchants would have brought wine and other luxury products to Ireland to exchange at Dunnyneill for furs, seal skin, slaves, and famed Irish wolfhounds.

4. In Dragon Knight’s Shield, Angus MacKay uses his sword and shield to gain money. When you first meet him, he’s in Rouen, France, a site where many jousting tournaments were actually held. And yes, Angus does compete.

5. In Dragon Knight’s Ring, Adam MacKay spent several years as a Crusader. He sought to make amends after the death of his beloved by going to the Holy Land. Yet the Crusades were filled with their own challenges and often times, brutal. He returned to Scotland more broken than when he left.

I adore history! But it's only as good as the bard telling the tale, aye?

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