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Medieval Monday | Word for #April 2023

Welcome to Medieval Monday and the month of April!

There's signs of spring here in my town, so I'm thinking of words that are related to the outdoors. I've gone fishing a few times in my life (not an avid fan of the sport), and thought this word was interesting. It reminded me of a scene in Oath of a Warrior where Erina MacIntyre was attempting to catch fish in a stream. She continued to talk to herself, unaware a Fenian Warrior (Rory MacGregor) kept a watchful gaze. If you haven't read the story, I won't give you any spoilers. Let's just say I'm glad he was there for her.

Hmm... I should have used this word in the scene, aye?

The Tavern will be closed this week. However you celebrate, I'm wishing you a beautiful Easter and Passover!

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