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Medieval Monday | Word for the Month of February

Welcome to Medieval Monday, my friends! We're on our way into the month of February, and I'm my thoughts are returning to ancient words. I could sit for hours researching a word or phrase. With my stories, I try to stay connected to the time-period with my writing. Will a word I use be exact? Not always. Often, I find myself going beyond the century and spilling into the next. I wish to convey the time-period without have to supply a dictionary to my readers.

The word for this month is one I find fascinating. I've heard it mentioned before, specifically with historians. I'm thinking of using it in my current work-in-progress. As I'm deep into writing Gunnar's story, this man has connection to the monks and their small booklets of writings. I'm seriously thinking of using this word. Or maybe I'll make one! Now that's an idea!

Quire ~ Four sheets of parchment folded to make eight leaves, 16 pages, for a small book or pamphlet. Later, a gathering of sheets folded with others to make up a larger book.

Until the next Medieval Monday, take a look at a few ancient words and their meanings.


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