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Medieval Monday | Would You Dare Make the Journey? #Medieval #TimeTravel #Romance

If you’ve read a few of my older guest author interviews, one of the questions I ask is, “You’ve been given a golden ticket to time travel into the past. Whom would you meet and why?”

Sounds exciting, right? In truth, the thought of hurling through time and space is exhilarating and frightening. And what if I didn’t land in the place I wished for? Yet what happens if all goes well and I’ve arrived at Urquhart Castle, Scotland in the 13th century? And it’s raining? No. Let’s say it’s snowing and there’s no one to greet me.

The mighty fortress has been abandoned!

No telephone. No vehicle. No running water (unless you count the flowing frigid water from Loch Ness), No food. And certainly no way to dash inside the stone and wooden structure to turn on the heat.

Would I survive? Of course! A mighty Highlander will appear out of the snowy landscape and rescue me.

Ahh…the life of a writer. I can make anything happen with my mighty pen.

But let’s pretend for a moment that I did tumble back in time. I’d sure want some survival skills to take with me, along with the knowledge of the terrain, language, proper clothing, a satchel of food and my sgian dubh—small blade. Psst... I love my blades!

In my stories, I’ve had several of my heroines make the journey back in time to meet their future husbands. It’s terrifying for them. Fortunately, love and the beauty of medieval Scotland have woven its magic into the hearts and souls of these women.

It’s a journey not planned, but in the end, embraced.

The time portal awaits, my friends. What destination in the past are you eager to visit? Do share!

I'm unsure about the other two Ladies of Medieval Monday for today. Lady Barbara had some issues with her blog, but if you have a moment, wander over to Lady Anastasia's blog and see if she has something new.

Until next week on Medieval Monday, may your dreams be filled with Highland mists and the Dragon Knights!


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