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Quotes from MAGNAR

We are only two weeks away until Magnar enters the world! Have you marked your calendar? Did you pre-order your digital copy at the discounted price yet? If not, here are a few teasers to convince you. They're quotes from Magnar.

Next week, Elspeth shares her favorite quotes from the story.


Quotes from MAGNAR

“Our marriage will be binding in all ways, Elspeth—in name and body. You may worship your God and I shall do so with mine, but ken this, you will be mine completely.”

“You should fear the man more than the wolf. Wolves are always honorable.”

“Be warned. Sounds like the lass has a watchful father, or worse, many brothers. I am positive they have heard that Rorik the Charmer has returned to Orkneyjar and is roaming the hills in search of his next prey.”

“I see I must clarify two things with you. First, you are my wife. Second, I honor all my vows.”

“Do not fear me, Elspeth. The wolf and man will never harm you. I pledged my vow to you for always. Once again, do you require proof?”

“I admire your courage, Elspeth, but ken this—I am your husband, your sword, and your shield. If there is a battle, I must maintain my focus.”

“A solitary man who is part wolf can be a lonely journey.”

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