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Release Day for MAGNAR!

The Wolves of Clan Sutherland have arrived! I'm beyond excited to share Magnar and Elspeth's love story with the world! It's been a phenomenal adventure with these characters, and I hope you'll join me in celebration of this new book release.

If you haven't had a chance to pick up your copy, I'll give 8 reasons why you should read Magnar...

1. The Vikings had their ancient laws, but you will also learn the Wolves of Clan Sutherland had their own called the Nine Noble Virtues of Wolf Lore.

2. You learn two ways how Magnar can shift magically into a wolf—from swiftly and quietly, to uttering a chant and transforming into the animal.

3. Elspeth is a brave, feisty, medieval woman who dares to stand up against the wolf, Magnar. Yet when she was younger, you’ll find out where her brother sent her to tame her wildness.

4. You get to travel across the North Sea in a longship to the Orkney Islands. The land is vastly different from the rugged, Northern coast of Scotland.

5. Discover the one habit Magnar constantly does when he is conflicted or upset.

6. Experience several sporting games the Wolves of Clan Sutherland enjoy playing.

7. You’ll get to meet a powerful Seer who does not get along with a certain wolf in the elite guard.

8. Norse Mythology comes alive within the pages of this story, and when you’re done, you’ll feel transported into another world.

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Come join me in a huge celebration for Magnar, along with a host of awesome authors at Love Romance Reads Romance Romp! All of us have new book releases this month, so this is a huge event!

My scheduled slot is: 3-3:30pm (Pacific)

If you're not a member, no worries, just click the box at the top of the group page to join.


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