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Spotlight Upcoming #NewRelease "The Mortar & Pestle Series"

Please make welcome to the Tavern my friend and talented author, Jean Grant! She's here today to discuss her brand new series with six other awesome writers called, The Mortar & Pestle Series! It's a series that has captured my attention. Grab a cup of mead and let's hear what Jean has to say about this collection with a peek at her story, Seeker...


Inspiration For the Series

In early 2022, a group of seven authors got together through Zoom to talk shop, and one thing led to another…and a magical Mortar & Pestle was born! A few of us were in writing slumps. A few were looking for something new or fun to write. Our intention was to talk the biz, and instead, we left, our fingers itching to write a new romance! Each story has a bit of magic and is novella-length, spanning time from 900 AD to modern day. The series takes the reader on an adventure with Vikings, Highlanders, pirates, treasure hunters, vampires, healers, and artists.

5 Fun Facts About the Series:

1.Each book has a paranormal element or thread—selkies, gifted heroines, healers, vampires…a bit of magic and a whole lotta love!

2.The Mortar & Pestle plays a role in each book to bring true love upon an unsuspecting couple in unique ways. Whether it’s used for grinding food or herbs, hitting an adversary’s head [hey, that bowl is heavy!], making medicines, mixing paints, or being uncovered in an archaeological find, the magical bowl finds its way into each of the stories.

3.The Mortar & Pestle transcends time. Originating with the Norse/Vikings, it is passed on to medieval Scotland, across the sea to 1700s Caribbean pirates, to North American WWII treasure hunters, and lastly it joins with three contemporary couples just trying to find their path, including an emotional vampire, a healer, and an artist.

4.Each book can be read as a standalone, out of or order, in order!

5.Each romance is low-heat (= PG to PG-13/behind closed doors or fade to black – whatever you like to call it!) and some of the authors are offering extra bonus spicy scenes or graphics! Check out their websites for more info.

Preorder all the books now, each for 99 cents!

Available from AMAZON!

Check out the free prequel that includes the first chapter of each book in the series - HERE!



Meet the Authors

Sydney Winward is a writer of action packed paranormal and fantasy romance, and a stay-at-home mom and seamstress on the side. Must haves for a deserted island (besides essentials): her family who are considered an essential, so she’d also bring loads of fabric, her sewing machine, and her favorite book.

Jean M. Grant is a gardener, coffee lover, hiker girl, and cheerleader for her neurodiverse family. Must haves for a deserted island (besides essentials): coffee, lip balm, endless pink sticky notes, and The Rock Dwayne Johnson. Bonus: my island better have fruit, veggie, and loads of flower gardens or I’ll be making a raft to escape.

Marilyn Barr is an award-winning historical, PNR author who writes about societal misfits and the fate mates who cherish them. Must haves for a deserted island (besides essentials): her spouse (she is totally obsessed with her nerd), caffeine (she’s addicted to coffee, energy drinks, and black tea – and would need gentle weaning), and cheesecloth (for desalinating ocean water), and some herbivore’s milk to make cheese.

D.V. Stone writes several different genres all with a bit of romance and fun. Must haves for a deserted island (besides essentials): a multi-tool like a Leatherman, a kindle, and a satellite hot spot.

Shirley Goldberg trolls for funny in life, relationships, and in her writing. Her characters are often of a certain age, although her energy vampire is in his thirties. She loves small, intimate joints with a little dance and music—and her honey. Must haves for a deserted island (besides essentials): since the stranded on a deserted island theme is a fantasy, her family and honey count as one. She’d bring her kindle and a bag of dark Utz pretzels.

Darlene Fredette is an author of heartwarming contemporary romances and an artist at heart. Must haves for a deserted island (besides essentials): her family to keep her sane—they travel together so if she was stranded, so are they! She’d bring a radio so she can listen to music, and a lighter to make a fire because while she is a Survivor fan, she’s not getting her torch snuffed out for trying to get a spark from a flint.

Ginny Frost is a writer, dreamer, romantic. And a total fangirl for Sci-Fi, horror, and fantasy. Must haves for a deserted island (besides essentials): her kindle—completely filled with books and cross-stitch patterns, her cross-stitch supplies in bulk, and a vat of diet Pepsi.


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