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Spring/Summer Newsletter 2023

Goodness! Where did the first part of this year go to? If you’ve noticed by the heading, I missed the spring issue of my newsletter. My apologies. Life got in the way, along with more health issues. As always, I believe I’m Wonder Woman and battle on through anything. Ha! This time, I was kicked to the ground. I required some rest, especially for the ongoing eye concerns. I won’t bore you with the details, my friends, so let’s move forward to the rest of this year! Lots of news, giveaways, and promotions!

May your summer be filled with lazy days, lots of sunshine, starry nights, and love.




I’m beyond thrilled to announce I’ve signed my 17th contract for Steinar, The Wolves of Clan Sutherland, Book 3 with The Wild Rose Press! Yes, the book is done and I’m in edits! Be prepared for an epic adventure with Steinar and Inga—both warriors who command the seas! Theirs is a journey of trust, but love manages to weave a charm around them. Here's a teaser...

To save the wolf, she must renounce her love for the man.

More news to follow in the autumn newsletter!



Calling all holiday-themed readers! It’s more than evergreens and twinkly lights at N. N. Light’s Book Heaven’s seventh annual Christmas in July Fête. 45 Christmas, Hanukkah and holiday-themed books featured plus a chance to win a $75 Amazon (US or Canada) gift card.

I’m thrilled to be a part of this event. My book, Wishes Under a Highland Star, will be featured on Tuesday, July 11th. Wait until you read what I love most about the holidays. You won’t want to miss it.

Bookmark this bookish get-together and tell your friends:



During the month of May and June, I celebrated signing my first contract ten years ago with The Wild Rose Press with a virtual blog tour. What a joy recalling all the memories for the Dragon Knights with the lovely authors who hosted me. I had a blast!

Now for the fun part. A scavenger hunt! For a chance to win a signed print copy of Dragon Knight’s Sword, a $25 Amazon gift card, and a Dragon Knight’s charm bracelet with all five covers, answer all the questions. I've included the links where you can find the answers.

(Open to US and Canada only)

Send me your answers to by Friday, September 1, 2023. The winner will be announced in the autumn newsletter.

1. Name the favorite sweet by this Dragon Knight.

2. Give me two reasons you should read the Order of the Dragon Knights.

3. What kind of treat did Ms. Gini Rifkin serve me when I visited her farmlette?

4. Finish this sentence: Where History Meets…

5. Name two songs from the playlist while I wrote the Order of the Dragon Knights series.

6. True or False. In my interview with Amber Daulton, I stated that I used Google Earth for visual landscapes.

7. True or False. I signed my first contract with The Wild Rose Press in May 2015.

8. Name the Dragon Knight who was interviewed by Lynn Griffin.

Winter Contest Winner ~ $15 Amazon gift card.

Congratulations to Becki Meyers!

Thank you to all those who shared their favorite winter beverage with me!


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