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The Countdown Begins!

Hello, my friends! We are three weeks until MAGNAR, The Wolves of Clan Sutherland, Book 1 releases into the world! As the days get closer, keep reading these posts. I have a few surprises planned. For now, I'm sharing the Prologue. I'm hoping it will entice you to pre-order the digital or the paperback. And remember, the digital is on sale for a reduced price. Grab your copy before the price goes up on release day! If you've already pre-ordered a copy earlier, thank you!


Prologue for MAGNAR

What began as a magical, whispered thought deep within a dark forest between a druid, raven, and Norse Seer, eventually took shape within the minds of seers and druids who belonged to five ancient clans that carried blood from both the Norse people and the Picts.

While feuding clans and marauders continued to ravage the Scottish realm, the blood of their victims seeped into the land, and the people wept as they cried out for vengeance. Despite the pleas for war from their people, the chieftains, after seeking counsel from their druids and seers, sought another plan to ease the conflict tormenting the clans.

These chieftains called for an order of guards to protect their current king and those who would follow to reign over Scotland. Though these ancient clans had ties to two different countries—Norway and Scotland, they deemed the strongest king should rule over both.

After much debate, they came to a settlement. If the King of Scotland was to govern over both countries, he would require strong men to protect, serve, and even spy on his behalf. Men whose bloodline would be filled with the magic of the Norse God Odin and the Pict God Dagda—a bridge linking all of the people’s beliefs.

The runes were cast on a stormy night, and the men were chosen. ’Twas on a Moon Day within the Black Frost month on Orkneyjar, that the blood of a wolf and an eagle were mixed with a powerful magic.

Each man selected from these ancient tribes entered the stone chamber—to be one with the bones of the wolves. What emerged was dominant and commanding—feared by those who witnessed the pairing of each man with his wolf.

And as the centuries bled into the next within the boundaries of Scotland, the wolves became more of a myth—one told by bards on a cold winter’s night.

Especially the tales of the leader of these mighty wolves. Known as the barbarian, Magnar MacAlpin is honor-bound to one clan. Loyal to one man—King William The Lion of Scotland.

Without his knowledge, evil stalks this warrior. Eventually, the lines between predator and prey will blur, leaving behind a deadly carnage in its path.

Though this warrior moves with stealth-like mastery, he is cloaked by the veil of darkness. The light of the full moon shimmers not from the steel of his weapon, but the silver within his eyes. He walks between the shadows of man and wolf—descended from the first and tied to the second.

Magnar from the house of Alpin, King Kenneth MacAlpin.

This is his tale.

The MacAlpin Wolf Saga.

COPYRIGHT © 2020 by Mary Morgan

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