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The Love of Words on Medieval Monday

In writing medieval romance stories, I try to maintain a flow of words and phrases used in the time-period. Granted, I've been known to expand and use a certain word that did not exist for a hundred, or perhaps a hundred and fifty years. Regardless, I try to give you sense of the medieval century I'm writing about. Trust me, it can be a challenge and one I find fascinating.

This wonderful tome is one I've had for over ten years. The book is a great resource tool and filled with all my notes. Another great source of reference for words is the online Time Traveler Merriam-Webster Dictionary. What I love about this dictionary is you can key in the century to find a list of words originated in a particular time period, and it will list the words in alphabetical order!

Here are some words and their meanings you will find sprinkled within my stories...

amiss: in a mistaken way

forsake: to renounce or turn away from entirely

forsooth: In truth, indeed

forsworn: guilty of perjury

sennight: the space of 7 nights and days/week

swinish: swine, beastly, rude

As I've stated in the beginning, I try to give you a sense of being in a medieval century. I hope you will agree with me.


And speaking of medieval romances, my upcoming new release, MAGNAR, is avaliable for pre-order! Forsooth, it's on sale for only $2.99! Grab your copy now before the price goes up on release day, August 26.


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