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Winter Newsletter 2024

Welcome the season of winter, dear friends!


I hope you had a lovely holiday season. We’re now a week into 2024, and I feel the wheel of the seasons turning once again. As I’m an optimistic gal, I greet each new year with a promise of hope. You notice I didn’t mention resolutions. Nope—I gave those up decades ago. Usually, a word(s) or phrase sifts through my thoughts at the beginning of the new year, and I ponder their meaning with each passing month.


My words for this year are simplicity and alterations. Now the first one I’m already embracing and long overdue. Yet for this second word, I’ll have to see where the path takes me. The winter season is one of inner reflection—a time to reflect on beginnings and endings. Perhaps it’s time to alter certain aspects of my life. When spring arrives, I’ll emerge from my cocoon while I’ll stretch my arms (or wings) to all the possibilities


Wishing you a season of joy and new beginnings.


With love,



Excitement is high today! Steinar, The Wolves of Clan Sutherland, book 3 has finally arrived! Steinar and Inga swept me away on an epic sea journey, and I hope you enjoy the story as much as I did writing their tale.

Currently, I'm working on the fourth book, Gunnar's story. In addition, I hope to complete a holiday story which centers around the Dragon Knights. Yet this all depends on the road and adventures set before me. As always, I'm optimistic.

For now, let's take a peek into this Viking romance story...

To save the wolf, she must renounce her love for the man.


Descended from the mighty Somerled, Lord of the Isles, Steinar MacDougall’s supremacy over the seas is fierce. On a quest for King William, he is captured by the enemy and presented with a favorable opportunity. Yet Steinar soon realizes his greatest threat comes from the woman who hides behind the mask of a warrior, and the quest for control might send them hurdling into the abyss of the sea.


As leader of the Serpents, Inga the Ruthless travels beyond the isles bartering for goods with her brothers. After rescuing the feared Pirate Wolf during a storm, she surrenders her trust to the man and his inner wolf in order to claim the lost treasure of Odin. Though the journey is fraught with dangers, Inga fears her heart might be the one in peril, leading her to make the ultimate sacrifice.


Will the sea be their salvation or doom them to a watery grave?

Early praise for STEINAR ~

"Ms. Morgan is a masterful visual story teller who places you in her stories with the characters. Drama, action, and surprising twists put this book high on my recommended reading list. Enjoyable from beginning to end."-Still Moments Magazine - Between the Pages

"Steinar the third book in The Wolves of Clan Sutherland series is exciting, page turning, and full of all a reader could want when it comes to alpha heroes and outspoken and strong heroines."-Mistress of Book Reviews

"'Steinar' is introduced with the energy and passion of an angry, turbulent sea. Mary Morgan draws her power couple with natural intensity." -InD'tale Magazine, December 2023 Issue

Available from these online retailers HERE!


New Release Event

I'm hosting a Facebook party for Steinar on Kerry's Kindred Spirits! Come join me in celebrating this new release. There'll be games, food, drinks (well, virtual fare), and giveaways during the day.

Date: Friday, January 12th

Time: 8-4:30 (Pacific)

Enter into the event HERE!


Seasonal Fun and Games

Winter Contest ~ $15 Amazon gift card.

Share one of your favorite word(s) of inspiration with me.


Send your response to Monday, March 25, 2024 with "Winter Contest" in the subject line.


Autumn Contest ~ Winner

Congratulations Ann Alba!


Thank you all for sharing your autumn traditions with me!




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