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Long and Short Reviews Weekly Blog Challenge | 03.11.20

Welcome to another weekly blog challenge, hosted by Long and Short Reviews! This week's topic is: One skill I wish I had but don't. There has been only one particular skill I'd love to have--one that I'm in awe of in others. I'd love to be able draw and paint. Anyone who can capture and bring to life a vision on canvas is one I admire. Many have mentioned that if you can return to a particular painting and see something new each time, then the artist is exceptional.

John William Waterhouse (Born: 4.6.1849 Died: 2.10.1917) is one I admire. I have many of his paintings gracing the walls within my home. Trust me, I've been known to stare at his paintings and become lost in the details. Here are a few:

The Accolade



Lady of the Lake

Have you noticed the theme of these paintings? I'm passionate about the medieval time-period.

What skill do you wish you could have? Do share! Then hop on over here to see what the other writers are saying.

See you next week!


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