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Medieval Monday | Word for May 2023

Welcome to Medieval Monday and the beautiful month of May! I could have chosen a word appropriate for this day (Maypole day and Beltaine) but was drawn to this particular one. Again, a word I have yet to use in one of my stories. Perhaps in the next Dragon Knight's story. Those knights always battling or complaining against King John.

Murage was a medieval toll for the building or repair of town walls in England, Wales and Ireland.

The earliest grant was for Shrewsbury, England in 1218, though dated 26 June 1220. If you recall one of my older posts, Shrewsbury Abbey was the home for the fictional character from The Cadfael Chronicles by Ellis Peters. Also, the books were made into a TV series with Derek Jacobi playing the part of Brother Cadfael. I highly recommend both!

Here's the link to the previous Medieval Monday post about Cadfael from last year:

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